Professional advice for entrepreneurs and business managers in the context of Europe's recovery from the financial crises. Marketing notes, stories and videos.


Michael’s skill set and experience make him an ideal consultant for small to medium sized businesses. Using his experience gained from corporate roles, as well as being a small enterprise manager himself, Michael can analyse your business and advise you on how to best use your resources. Seeing through your existing operations to find ways of prioritising customer acquisition, sales growth and brand development while keeping your outgoings the same or less is where Michael will be of most use to you.

As a marketeer, his personal USPs are his extensive experience in web building projects and his expertise in SEO and PPC tactics and practices. His personal strengths lie in the field of the digital economy, online based entrepreneurial projects and practical knowledge in using web-analytics for turning businesses into profitable enterprises without the need for substantial capital investment.

  • Web development projects: creation of commercially successful websites which actually sell stuff.
  • Web-optimisation projects: increasing visibility and sales online as well as reputation management.
  • Management of customer services for online enterprises.
  • Establishment of communication channels for online businesses.
  • Development of communities and optimisation of social media for marketing.
  • Advice on selection of best digital technologies and tools available to SMEs.

Michael is a great fan of online communication tools such as Google Hangout and Skype and would be happy to meet with you virtually. If you are based in London, why not booking an appointment with Michael in his Enfield office?