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Price Elasticity

The concept of elasticity is used to measure the degree of market response to price changes (price sensitivity).

  • Elasticity is a measure of demand responsiveness.
  • Can be computed for a range of prices and quantities.

Definition of elasticity:

Percentage change in sales volume divided by the percentage change in sales. [Continue reading]

Pricing Strategy


Pricing is extremely impactful. For many products and for many consumers price is a key feature. Price changes have immediate impact and prices are in many cases very visible. Competitors can react quickly to price changes. Price is the only element … [Continue reading]

Conjoint Analysis


Conjoint Analysis is an analytic technique used in marketing that helps managers to determine the relative importance consumers attach to salient product attributes or the utilities the consumers attach to the levels of product or service attributes. … [Continue reading]

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) for Marketing

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) for Marketing

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) is a class of procedures for representing  perceptions and preferences of respondents spatially by means of visual display. Perceived psychological relationships among stimuli are represented as geometric relationships … [Continue reading]

Marketing Plan for Healthcare

The new adult healthy eating campaign is a requirement for Public Health England as part of its response to the demands of the UK Government, and UK society as a whole, to address the issues of obesity and healthy eating in this country. NHS Choices … [Continue reading]

Why VanOne is a good investment opportunity ?

Michael Pawlicki and his team presented their automatic system for booking shipping and relocation services in Europe to the investors at the Imperial College London. You can check their innovative digital system at or find our more … [Continue reading]

Marketing Analytics – why decisions based on analytic analysis are better?

People overestimate the probabilities of events and often become overconfident. The quality of the information available to them from external sources, such as media, real life experiences as they occur, or heuristic may give a false impression of … [Continue reading]

Facebook 2020: $100 Billion Superstar or Failure

Facebook for Business

This essay investigates the likelihood of Facebook keeping its superstar status by 2020. Using a Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal (PESTL) analytical structure supported by a brief examination of the valuation methods used by … [Continue reading]

Regression Analysis – predicting the future


Let’s start with the definition of regression: Regression is a prediction equation that relates the dependent (response) variable (Y) to one or more independent (predictor) variables (X1, X2). In marketing, the regression analysis is used to … [Continue reading]

Cluster Analysis – a market segmentation procedure

Cluster Analysis

Cluster Analysis in marketing is a process of grouping consumers of similar psychometric, demographic, geographic or socio-economic attributes into groups called clusters. The primary objective of cluster analysis is to classify objects into … [Continue reading]

Choice Illusion – getting the prices right

Choice Illusion 1

How do the number of purchase options affect our buying process? According to the economic theory, more choice, due to preference matching, always has a positive effect on a buyer. Psychologically however, there is a choice conflict and choice … [Continue reading]