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Marketing Plan for Healthcare

The new adult healthy eating campaign is a requirement for Public Health England as part of its response to the demands of the UK Government, and UK society as a whole, to address the issues of obesity and healthy eating in this country. NHS Choices runs a healthy eating campaign but in its current form this cannot be accurately assessed for effectiveness. A new, community-based adult healthy eating website, supported by social media, is needed to address this issue [Read more…]

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This website is intended to be a platform for the exchange of practical business information as well as a place for discussion about issues in strategic business management. The articles and other materials on the site are aimed at entrepreneurs and managers and those who would like to improve their own understanding of business. What you will find here are the notes, essays, graphic materials and videos based on Michael Pawlicki’s and other business managers’ experience and knowledge acquired through developing businesses, their own research and academic expertise.

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Why On-line Reputation Management may be a good investment?

On 20th March 2012 Michael delivered his presentation about On-line Reputation Management to the teaching staff and other post graduate students at Imperial College Business School and persuaded four talented students to join his team in realising this idea and the potential it had to offer. More information about this project is available from the prototype website developed for the Dignatio project.

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Co-founding positions at VanOne

At VanOne we are looking for co-founders to help us to grow the company. If are an entrepreneur, have university degree and some experience in logistics check for VanOne advertised positions at F6S.